di Mostes Maurizio
The production of the Shipyard U. Mostes & C. is planned on three specific lines:

"Custom Line"

"Custom line"

Some of the most meaningful examples of construction of unique samples:

  -    Boat with cockpit Years 30

- Financing available -

Technical Card
Length       m 10.60
Width         m 2.60
Fuel       lt 250
Water               lt 150
Power             HP 55 Diesel inboard motorboat

This Boat with cockpit is an evolution of the traditional lario's wherry of beginning 900. Entirely realized in mahogany, with precious inserts of birch tree, inside couches in damasked fabric and external in suede vinyl skin, faucets, lights and complements of furnish in gilded brass, hardware of cover in inox steel, the boat is a splendid example of the handicraft ability of the Shipyard U. Mostes & C. of Faggeto Lario. To the ample grit of stern, elegant small terrace on the water with table and couches sunsuit, the crop is contrasted grit of bow with rudder and couch for the passengers. To bow, the bridge gives shelter to a small box with 2 places bed, while the great central saloon entertains the hygienic place, the kitchen, a couch and an ample dinette that surrounds a table. The boat is endowed with an electric ventilator and two solar ventilators, plant of heating Webasto, radio and TV. The surfaces glass door of doors and windows are in safety crystals with engraved the logo of the boat.

Built in 1997-98 and under conditions equal to the new one, the boat - that it prepares of really place boat covered with cart of launching and towing near the Shipyard

For information ask for Maurizio Mostes.

  -    750 Lario

- Financing available -

Technical Card
Lenght       m 7.50
Width         m 2.50
Fuel       lt 240
Water               lt 55
Poower             HP 420
Homologation CE Class C

Characterized by harmonious lines, the hull is entirely realized in wood compensated sea, with structures in mahogany ingot and finishes in it takes root. The inside preparation foresees the same setups of the model Agua Dulce 750 in resinglass, but with execution in wood.

For a clientele lover of the boats in wood, but with problems of long periods of parking in water, it is possible to realize the hull with alive work in resinglass and with preparation of the cover in mahogany with filleted inserts combining in such way the practicality of a practically exempt hull from maintenance with the heat and the refined person elegance of the wood.

  -    Tortuga 680

- Financing available -

Technical card
Lenght       m 6.80
Width         m 2.25
Fuel       lt 210
Water               lt 55
Power             HP 330

Boat entirely built in wood, with characteristics purely sporting that assure her a fast navigation, thanks to the "V" deep hull , and an extraordinary estate of sea speed hips raised. The grit is furnished with winding seats for pilot and co-pilot, completed by the couch back. To stern it is anticipated an essential sunsuit, that integrates him perfectly in the aggressive line of the hull. Under the bridge of bow it is drawn an ample vain to stow endowments, ski, capote, fenders and other material. To stern, the hull finally, introduces a practice bathing bridge.