di Mostes Maurizio

The activity of the Shipyard U. Mostes & C. essentially articulates on three specific sectors:

Osculati HOnda Marine Vergaplast Joker

Construction of boats

  • "Custom Line":  recreation boats in appreciated woods, realize departing from the study of the model with the client (in base to its one man shows demands) and from the realization of a wood prototype in staircase redoubt, followed by the preparation of the definitive sketch in real staircase for preparing the necessary pieces for the assemblage of the hull.

  • Our boats

  • "Recreation":  boats in resinglass of various length, with motorization onboard or outboard, mono or two-engined.

  • Our boats

  • "Competition":  planning and construction of competition hulls for the classes 0-250 and 0-350, that have been boasting for years a rich collection of National, European and World titles.

  • Competition

Assistance and parking

  • Riparation and restauration of boats of every type.
  • Specialized mechanics.
  • Boat Places in water and to the covered one.
  • Lake Gas pump with the hourly followings:
    08.30-12.00 / 14.00-18.30
    (day of closing: Monday from May 1 to on September 30 and Sunday from October 1 to April 30)

Concessions and authorized resales

  • retailer and technicians of accessories  Osculati .

  • dealers of sea motors  Honda Marine  Honda Marine   with qualified shop .

  • Retailer authorized shop   VErgaplast vergaplast .

  • Retailer pneumatics boats   Joker  Joker .